What we do

Distinction in Design

As pioneers in the field of design, four award-winning Dutch design studios joined forces in 2012 to establish DsignlinQ in the Middle East. We are dedicated to providing state-of-the art interior design and consultancy services based on outstanding innovation, clear customer focus and world-class expertise. As specialists in our field we understand the importance of creating designs that reflect the needs of the end user together with their desires, expectations and behaviour. To achieve this high standard we employ techniques such as observational analysis and user co-creation to unlock insights into the deeper needs of the user and further opportunities for design. Our team of international professionals is made up of leading architects, interior designers, consultants and graphic designers that work in close cooperation to create optimum synergy so as to enter undiscovered territory in design. Regardless of the nature of the project, whether an airport terminal or the interior of a luxury hotel, our endgoal remains the same - we strive to solve the real-life problems of our customers by finding realistic and down-to-earth solutions. These qualities are at the heart of our work and are clear reflections of the principles that give Dutch Design such a high standing.

Design Meets Business

We are the design partner of choice of many of the world’s leading corporations and institutions whereby we appreciate the need to master the link between design and business. We assist our customers in gaining a competitive edge by helping them embrace the benefits of design changes. Our work extends to finding growth opportunities, navigating organisational dynamics and defining the most profitable path to market. Our familiarity with the key business issues that our customers face allow us to provide unparalleled services that combine cutting-edge design and competitive business solutions.

Network of Expertise

As our business continues to grow, collaboration has become a key organisational strategy and is the glue that keeps DsignlinQ one step ahead of our competitors. We bring in some of world’s leading specialists, each bringing more than 20 years of experience to the table, to together find solutions to every design challenge. Our multidisciplinary team is not afraid to cross the borders of specialisation so as to deliver results that exceed all expectations. Our prestigious projects with international airports and railway stations are a few examples of the clear benefits of a diverse group of professionals.

All in One

DsignlinQ provides a full range of interior design and consultancy services that are distinctive on the market due to our strong technical knowledge and attention to detail. Our top-quality design is a result of the wealth of expertise present on our team. Our wide spectrum of knowledge ranges from architecture and interior design to visual identity and graphic design. This allows us to provide valuable services applicable to all aspects of the assigned project including space planning and visual identity as well as project management. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

- Interior Design
- Conceptual Design and development
- Visual Identity Design
- Concept 3D pre-vizualisation
- Space Planning and programming
- Finish selection and specification
- Furniture Design and specification
- Computer-aided design and drafting plans
- Plans and estimates
- Supervision
- Overall consultancy