Don’t make stuff that no one wants to buy. Don’t design great solutions to problems that do not exist.
When we say we put business first, we might be wrong. We’re putting our users first.
We do that because understanding users’ needs, behaviour and expectations is fundamental to business. Put users first and business will follow.
We strive to create innovations grounded in the needs, desires and behaviours of humans and the rapidly changing world around them. Through techniques ranging from observational analysis, user co-creation, quantitative surveys and contextual studies, our expertise in consumer research is focused on unlocking deep consumer insights and the transformational opportunities that lie within.
Not bridging the user gap is still the most common reason for market failure. DsignlinQ for business needs, not for users’ needs. We solve real-life problems for real people. In short, if it’s not for them, it’s not designed by us.
We do think about the users, our customers first from Design to Consultancy from A to Z


We help the world’s most ambitious companies leapfrog competition by embracing change in the designs
Whether the challenges consist of finding disruptive growth opportunities, navigating organisational dynamics, designing the business model, defining the path to market or all of the above, our business expertise ensures design that delivers tangible top line value.
Our clients face complex business challenges. They are among the world’s most ambitious companies so that’s no surprise. Not to them and not to us. Our solutions to those challenges are often equally complex in substance. But in their design they seem obvious. As in: obviously the right solution.
Business and design belong together. Call it design thinking or business thinking, we’ve realised that the business of design is business.


Our area of expertise Consultancy and Design
Today, our clients don’t come to us with a design brief. They come with business challenges and questions. They know that design is a strategic tool for figuring out what to do next. Within that frame we’ve recently experienced a great convergence.
It once made sense to draw a list of things we did with items like design research, user experience, product design and consultancy.
That list makes less sense today. We have a wide variety of disciplines to choose from as we search for answers and solutions but they are increasingly intertwined and applied, not randomly, but purpose-driven and with great flexibility.
Everyone at DsignlinQ is a specialist and we’re masters of collaboration. We’re not too concerned about lists of disciplines or territories of competence. We’re extremely concerned about the answer to your question.
We put our expertise, experience, insights and design knowledge at your disposal.
Our consultancy experts have more than 20 years experience. We guide the project for our users, we listen to the user and make sure they are satisfied from beginning to end.