Schiphol Holland BLVD

CLIENT Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
DESIGN: Studio Linse
PROJECT: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
STATUS: Completed

Studio Linse's involvement in this Dutch-themed Terminal covers the design of the generic seating area, a redesign of the existing Holland Casino facility and an overall signage statement to make sure people don't miss this unique area and the palette of choices of what Holland has to offer.


The 400 m2 seating area is un-airport comfortable and divers, welcoming people to relax, feel at home and at ease. A variety of the shelf design furniture combined with

Studio Linse design pieces as multifunctional sofas and expressive carpets are placed in settings that serve several target groups as seniors, teens, kids and families.


The back-lit "room dividers" determining the spaces hold cartoon-like graphic images of home situations, stressing the different target groups, one even holding a fire place. Special light fixtures warm up the "rooms', attracting people from great distance.


To make sure Holland Casino will be noticed Studio Linse designed a back-lit organically shaped facade that fluidly seems to make its way out of the facility into the

Holland Boulevard world. A glowing back drop to the Dutch Kitchen restaurant, HC stands out and welcomes people into its elegant design that is contemporary yet timeless, warm and comfortable.


Studio Linse designed special signage lamp-like objects and "menu-board" strategically placed to attract people to the Holland Boulevard on its challenging mezzanine level, an area easy to miss if not being aware of it's existence.

A logo tells the story of Holland, in re-invented Delft Blue, expressive, fun and funky; like Holland.