Icon Yacht

DESIGN: Studio Linse
PHOTOGRAPHY: Duncan Schaaf
STATUS: Completed

When Paul Linse was assigned to develop the design of Icon's living spaces he and his Amsterdam based Studio Linse had never designed a boat interior before. Having worked with the owner before on his various properties the architect had a good taste of the top level quality ambition for his first masterpiece of floating real estate.

Paul Linse approached the boat design as a villa, a mansion, reflecting the owner's very high taste level and created an overwhelming interior design of contemporary comfort and elegance. A modern approach, yet timeless and warm in an invitingly airy atmosphere of intimacy and welcoming spaces that have their own touch and feel, brought together by one continuous theme of chic tonality and sophistication.

In short, a modern interior design that shows transparency and openness, fluidly winding spaces together in a comforting contemporary ambience of warmth, intimacy and the richness of materials that are timeless and sophisticated, respecting the owner's expressive art collection.

Textile Designs by Mrs.Me
Mrs.Me designed and produced all bed, bath- and table linens for Icon Yachts.  For every cabin she applied a unique color scheme and choice of fabrics. She  also developed all other textile accessories for bedrooms, lounges and kitchens, including duvets, pillows, towels, bathrobes, bedskirts and more.